Recipe for good bread

The new week started with checking the bread dough left to rest for a night.
Indeed, the next morning, the bread dough seemed to have that peculiar bubbly fluffiness for making a well done bread. It only needed little time and work of kneading more and, of course, ingredients inside play a relevant role.

– What ingredients you need for making genuine good bread? Flour, water, yeast or sourdough, a sprinkle of salt and sugar, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.. Indeed, they are all simple ingredients, which work together in a natural chemical process, made of good harmony and balance among them. More in detail, this is the turning point for wondering and raising more questions in order to make your own good bread, which matches with your personal preferences and tastes.

How do you know you make good bread? There are several recipes for making bread. You feel you make good bread, when you make it with your mind, your heart, your hands.

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