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Strawberries or blueberries?

The season for strawberries and blueberries is here and it is the ideal time for filling the jars with some good home made jam. At the … Continue reading Strawberries or blueberries?

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Carrot bundt cake: a heart of deliciousness

Yesterday, it was a beautiful afternoon in the kitchen making and baking one of my best preferred cakes, that is a carrot bundt cake. My aunt … Continue reading Carrot bundt cake: a heart of deliciousness

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Soft Lemon biscuits

Hello! The kitchen has a good smell of biscuits in this Easter weekend. Indeed, I am enjoying different versions of soft biscuits, which have lemon flavour … Continue reading Soft Lemon biscuits

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Pancakes or waffles?

Welcome, April! Everywhere it is a triumph of colors and new blooms and the mild temperatures, which Spring is offering, are a gentle invitation to have … Continue reading Pancakes or waffles?

A soft fragrant cake as Summer dessert!

Hello! We are in the heart of Summer and at this time of the year, by visiting our food stores and markets, it is possible to find gorgeous fragrant Williams pears there. This ancient variety is widely known to be excellent for canned or processed uses. So, let’s bake a cake, which has the fresh taste of Summer and the soft intense spiced fragrance of cocoa and cardamom. Continue reading A soft fragrant cake as Summer dessert!

Cocoa or vanilla daisy pastries?

Hello! We are enjoying warm Spring days, which are getting longer and longer. Sometimes, after dinner time, it might happen you want to enjoy a glass … Continue reading Cocoa or vanilla daisy pastries?