Sunday trekking in Apulia, Southern Italy: from Torre delle 4 Colonne to St. Mauro

Sunday trekking in Apulia: from Torre dell'Alto Lido to St. Mauro Abbey                                      Sunday trekking in Apulia: from Torre dell'Alto Lido to St. Mauro Abbey

Last Sunday morning, in front of my eyes and of those, both adults and children, who joined in the trekking excursion, organized and magistrally guided by ‘Avanguardie’, there was the blessed scenery of a blue clear sky kissing the calm, still warm, limpid waters of the Ionian sea, the soft waves of multi-shaded swishing green and the smooth shining rocks in the October indulgent sun. Through the wilderness of the pine forest and ancient paths (these latter most likely belonging to the Roman era) our careful climbing took us to visit the old Abbey of St Mauro that might date back to the first half of the XII century, according to the first documentary evidences or, supported by other sources, its origin might be even before that date. In addition to this, just few steps behind the abbey, in the middle of an almost lunar steppe, it was possible to stay few minutes in contemplation of an interesting landscape, characterized by the remains of an ancient circular architecture made of stones, which could be the same age of the religious building. Right at this proper, even though, on one hand, it is known that this place once might have hosted also a village in the nearby, on the other hand, it invites to advance concrete studies to determine the true reasons of its existence. 

Sunday Trekking in Apulia: from Torre dell'Alto Lido to St. Mauro

A great thnx to ‘Avanguardie’ for the beautiful trekking excursion!

Cappuccino or café au lait?

Cappuccino or café au lait

Good morning, Cappuccino or café au lait?
Cocoa, cinnamon or cardamom?