Golden chantarelles for a creamy soup

A warm creamy soup is the ideal meal to pour in a bowl when, in Autumn, temperatures start to go down. What is more, it is time for the week-end and the famers market calls for a pleasant walk among the little typical stalls to look for the right ingredients and make a good soup.

Here we have: local potatoes, golden chantarelles, garlic, small tender leeks, fresh bacon, cherry tomatoes, rosemary for its fragrance, little hot chili pepper.

In a warm pan, where you poured some extra-virgin olive oil, sauté chopped leeks, an idea of garlic, few cherry tomatoes, smashed potatoes, (which you steamed before), with some wine, the one you prefer, and keep on cooking until the wine dries off. Add some rosemary that will enrich the potatoes with its fresh fragrance. As soon as the surface of the potatoes will look lightly golden, add some bouillon prepared with vegetables and keep on cooking until both the liquid and the smashed potatoes will create a creamy homogeneous soup. Then, cook a handful of chantarelles and some fresh bacon in the soup. Balance with salt and chili pepper.

Serve the soup very warm, possibly adding a couple of slices of crisp bread with the fragrance of ancient wheats.

Buon appetito and enjoy the week-end!

Orecchiette and Chanterelles: season ingredients for an appetizing Sunday meal

   Last Sunday morning, the sky was clear and temperature was mild: it was the promise for a good walk into nature soon. After sipping a cup of warm coffee in front of the kitchen window, I thought it was time for making orecchiette, as typical among the Sunday meals, according to Apulia gastronomy suggestions and traditional old habits of my family. As for the home-made pasta dough, ingredients are very simple, only water and good flour (I used organic Senatore Cappelli flour as usual for its excellent qualities and ancient genuine taste).

   For the dish I had in mind, there were some flavoured chanterelles in the fridge that I bought the day before at the local food market. Since, it was not my intention to use the mixer for making a sauce, I did prefer to chop the chanterelles in very small pieces. So, in a pan, I poured some extra-virgin olive oil, small cubes of fresh bacon, which soon started to ‘sweat’, giving a very tasteful smell, then I added an idea of garlic, little chopped onion, some white wine and the chanterelles. Sprinkle of thyme, rosemary and hot pepper were added to make a more intense flavour, while a couple of spoons of crème fraîche was for amalgamating the ingredients in a smooth homogeneous sauce; salt went right at the end, in order to preserve the chanterelles from loosing their own water during the cooking process.

   Once the orecchiette were cooked and tasted ‘al dente’, they were added in the pan with the chanterelles sauce and a sprinkle of small parmigiano flakes just for a couple of minutes and then, the dish was ready to be served with a simple parsley decoration.

   Hoping you are going to try and enjoy this dish, I wish everybody a good week and ‘Buon Appetito’.