A homemade green lasagna: layers of lightness in the dish

   A white tablecloth is the fine simple way to dress the table for the Christmas holiday season and it is also the best way to highlight your delicious dishes. In a couple of days, we are going to celebrate the arrival of the new year and, for the special event, we take care of our guests by preparing a light green lasagna that both children and grown up would love to eat.

 As first step, we must choose a good hard wheat (semolina) stonemilled flour to work with corn salad (valerianella olitoria), once this latter has been steamed for few minutes and put in the mixer. The corn salad is an ideal ingredient in this dish for its well known excellent healthy properties. The proportions, which we may suggest for trying the lasagna are: 260 gr of flour, 100 gr of corn salad and the essential water to work with, in order to make a good, homogeneous mixture. No eggs are necessary for this light dish. Help yourself by using the “nonna papera” machine for making the layers of lasagna. At this proper, it is recommended to fix the wheel on number 5 of the pasta machine to have a good consistency of the layer for the cooking process. Before leaving the lasagna layers to dry, you can also make little disks of pasta and be creative later on, when you prepare the lasagna, as it is shown in the picture at the bottom of the page, after the description. 

   Next step is to make some water boiling in a pot pan and cook the disks or layers of lasagna for about 30 seconds (please, do not forget to add some salt in the water). Dry the lasagna layers on a kitchen cloth.

   In a greased baking tin (you can use extra virgin olive oil instead of butter), start making layers of lasagna, alternating with layers of roasted in a wood-burning oven ham and creamy mixing of fresh sheep milk ricotta cheese, cut into little pieces mozzarella, crumbled walnuts, sprinkles of nutmeg and hot pepper. On top of lasagna layers, add a couple of spoons of crème fraîche. Place the lasagna in the oven for about 10/12 minutes (220°C), let mozzarella cheese melt and grill the surface just for a little while. In the end, out of the oven, place the lasagna on a dish, serve it warm with caramellized chopped leek and cherry tomatoes, fresh basil as decoration. By the way, if you prefer to make this dish simpler, warm the small disks straight in a cooking pan with few drops of extravirgin olive oil, adding small pieces of ham, the cheese mixture mentioned above and, when the mozzarella is melt, finish the dish with the tomatoes and basil.

Enjoy the pleasures of the table with family and friends. Wishing everybody a wonderful new year! Frohes neues Jahr! Buon Anno! Gott nytt år!

   The “nonna papera” machine, a fantastic gift idea. It was available sometime ago on a shelf at NK in Stockholm, downstairs (nedre plan – Hem & Inredning)

Stockholm nk nonna papera

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